Market Volatility - Road to Recovery: A long, straight empty tree-lined road with multiple climbs and falls.

Market Volatility: Road to Recovery

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For two of their latest updates, Mancell Financial Group discuss the recent market recovery following the crash in the wake of COVID-19 uncertainty. “The market bounce has been significant. 30-40% falls have been countered with 30-40% gains. Some markets are almost where they were on January 1. Some companies are making all time highs.” But […]

Balanced Investments, or Super Misleading?: A hand-drawn line graph on graph paper, surrounded by stationary on a desk top.

Balanced Investments, or Super Misleading?

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In the latest of our Recommended Reads, Mancell Financial Group take a look at the problems associated with some superfunds and their potentially misleading claims about using a balanced investment strategy. “For the past few years there has been a battle raging. Certain superannuation funds have not been backward about coming forward about their performance. […]

A stunning red sky and setting sun behind the silhouette of oilfield machinery.

Recent Market Falls

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For a balanced take on the further market falls this week, take a look at this update from the Mancell Financial Group: “When the market falls 7% in a day. There’s no sugar coating it. It’s very painful. “Days like this will lead every news bulletin. They will be plastered on every front page. It’s […]

Do You Ever Compare Yourself with Others and Wish You Had What They Do?

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Here is an interesting article by Mancell Financial Group that could change your perspective. “Competitiveness can be good. It can drive us further. Lead us to do better things. Challenge ourselves in ways we didn’t think of. You don’t even need to compete with others. Compete against yourself. Health. Fitness. Creative. Skills. Projects. Financial. Anything. […]

Large golden 3D percentage sign with a red 3D zigzagging downward arrow placed in front: Is Lowering Interest Rates a Good Thing?

Is Lowering Interest Rates a Good Thing?

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In this interesting article, the Mancell Financial Group examine whether lowering interest rates is good or bad for the Australian economy. With household debt at its highest ever and wage growth stagnant, interest rates are already at a record low. What will be the effect of cutting interest rate further? “Lowering interest rates, along with […]