Ways to Save Money Around the Home: A man hold out a large glass jar filled with a mixture of Australian dollar notes and coins.

Ways to Save Money Around the Home

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Here are a few tips from ASIC on ways to save money around the home. They are easy and simple to implement in our daily lives. Especially, on the steps we can take to save on our utilities. It not only reduces our bills, but also helps the planet too. General Turn off electrical appliances […]

Coronavirus: Market Volatility - A Chinese man wears a face mask to help protect him from the Coronavirus while walking in the street.

Coronavirus: Market Volatility

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This week has seen very high volatility in the equity markets and I wanted to take the time to write to provide some reassurance in regard to your investment or retirement planning. The market volatility is a direct result of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the perceived direct impact of the virus […]

A lady working on a laptop computer and holding a smartphone.

New Fintech Legislation Passed by Parliament

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Parliament passed legislation on February 10 2020 allowing fintech firms to test new products and services without a licence. Fintech (Financial Technology) is a sector of products which, typically, provide consumers with more flexible ways of controlling their finances. Budgeting apps are one example of this type of product, allowing users to import transactions from […]

White and gold ceramic money box in the shape of a unicorn, with four small piles of coins stacked up in front: Protecting Your Super

Changes to your Superfund from July 1, 2019

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The government’s ‘Protecting Your Super’ package came into effect from July 1, 2019. This article by Choice (Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group) explains what this package entails and helps you understand the key changes to your Superfund. Here are the key points from the articles: Protecting Your Super For accounts under $6000, Superfund will only […]

A close up of an open diary, displaying a range of dates in a grid format: Investment Markets Q2.

Investment Markets Q2 2018: My Thoughts

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In terms of the investment markets, Q2 was generally less volatile than the March quarter and most sectors were positive above their long-term average. There were exceptions however with emerging markets in particular which were negative during the quarter and the wider Asian market, which was also soft. That said both regions have delivered solid […]